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Endometriosis Support

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June 27th, 2006 at 7:22pm]
This is a Members Only community. Membership and posts are moderated. Please click to submit a request to join.

Community Rules

♣ With respect to the delicate nature of the topics discussed here, please make all posts "friends only". Posts which are not marked this way will not be approved.

♣ In the interest of keeping this a respectful place, we request that you please be sensitive to the fact that this community is home to many women who have suffered one or more pregnancy losses and/or have various fertility issues. Be aware that these are topics that are a bit touchy for some members. We ask that, if you are trying to conceive, please refrain from posting about your journey here. There are many communities on LiveJournal for this purpose. Beyond your initial pregnancy announcement, please refrain from writing here about your pregnancy unless specifically asked about something you know you can give advice on in another member's post (you may comment within a post, but please no separate postings about your pregnancy). Overall, please be sensitive to the women here who may be struggling to get to the place where you are. Some of us may never have that opportunity.

♣ Offending or inappropriate posts will be removed. If a post is removed, there is always a valid reason why. If you are offended by something that a member has posted, or that is in violation of these rules, please DO NOT comment in the post stating your view. Likewise, if a post you have made has been removed, please refrain from commenting about the issue directly within the community itself. These matters can be dealt with on a private basis via email. Please send all concerns to witsendo@yahoo.com

♣ Absolutely NO verbal attacking, of any form. If you are bashing this community or any member of it in writing elsewhere (personal journal or other community), that will also be considered a violation of the rules. This community is specifically designed to be fair, supportive and easy-going. Feel free to come to the moderator should you have a problem with another member. Please don't feel you should (or have to) leave the community over any issue.

♣ Please put extremely long posts or large pictures behind an LJ cut. If you are not sure how to use an LJ cut, instructions are provided here.

♣ This is a moderated community, which applies to membership as well as posting. The que is monitored multiple times a day for new postings. Please be patient. It should never take longer than twelve hours for a new post to show up in the community.

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